Nothing says Kentucky Wool Festival quite like all the food variety.  Check out the items below and plan your trip to get the most out of your food cravings. So much to choose from…DELICIOUS!

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2022 Food Booths

4H BeveragesCoke products, Mt Dew, Diet Mt Dew, Water, Juice boxes
4H BeveragesCoke products, Mt Dew, Diet Mt Dew, Water, Juice boxes
AYSV Food sSwervicesfried potatoes and onions
Bennets BBQpulled pork sandwich, pulled pork nachos, variety of flavors of pork rinds
Brownings Country HamSamples of country ham, bacon and sausage, beer cheese and syrup, pinto beans, corn bread, pancake, and biscuit and gravy mixes
Curbside Sweet shopice cream float,hot fudge cake , hot turtle fudge cake, apple crisp, waffle cones
Eddies BBQBean soup and cornbread, pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, corn on the cob, tenders and fries, baked/sweet potatoes
Falmouth church of GodHomemade chicken and dumplins
Golden Bear TacosTacos, nachos, taco salad, walking taco
Grandma Carolyn's Ketchupketchup
Granny Bees' LemondadeLemondade
Hobb's Fudge and Cakescream pull candy, potato candy, buckeye candy, stuffed chocolate chip cookies, buckeye brownies
Hosey Honeyhoney
IB Back Fudge site 2Fudge
IB Back Fudge/Nut Hut site 1fudge, cinnamon and chocolate nuts, cotton candy, hot carmel apples, salt water taffy, dill pickles, rock candy, coffee beans
Icees to GoIcees
Jayne's Funnel CaklesDonuts, elephant ears, fried pies, fried oreos
Johnsons Country Hamcountry ham and honey-cured ham sandwich, country sausage sandwich, green beans and potatoes
Lenoxburg General Storetriple B bacon, bologna, bacon and grilled cheese, fried bologna sandwich, loaded smoke potato, cobbler and ice cream
Louisiana Passionschicken and sausage jambalya, shrimp etoufee, mardi gras jambablaya with etouffee topping
Malone's beef jerky LLCVarieties of beef jerky
Mark massey concessionfish, shrimp, frog legs, chicken rings, hushpuppies, fries
Mick Noll'ssuper brat, mett, goetta balls, bavarian cream puff, wooly potatoes, hot dogs, limburger cheese sandwiches, struedel
Mimis Kitchengrilled cheese, grilled jalepeno cheese, tomato soup, grilled chicken wraps, ribeye steak sandwiches
Miss Kylees Funnel CakesFunnel cakes and toppings
Mr M's Foods site 1blooming onion, fried veggies, fried pickles, cheese sticks, potato skins
Mr M's Foods site 2pizza, corn dogs, pretzels, breadsticks
Old Time Concessionskettle corn and root beer and cream soda
Oriental ExpressSesame, bourbon, orange, general tsos, teryaki, sweet and sour chicken. Eggrolls, shrimp and chicken, fried rice.
Pendleton Co Chamber of commercePork tenderloin sandwich, apple cider slushes, hamburgers, french fries,milk , orange juice
Pendleton HomemakersFunnel cakes
Sherry's Concessionshot dog, corn dog, sausage, philly steak burger, lemon and strawberry shake-ups, nachos, pickles, apple dumplins, candied apples, cotton candy, bloomin onion, deep fried onions
Smoking PigPulled brisket and chicken, slop, pork nachos, brisket meal
Woodrow ConcessionsTurkey legs, Rocky Mountain oysters, fried pickles, Bluebell ice cream