October 7 – 9    2016

We here at the Kentucky Wool Festival have a few simple goals we attempt to accomplish each year. They include, but are not limited to:

  • To hold an annual event that takes place the 1st full weekend every October.
  • Be unique.
  • Promote sheep, wool products, and the local community.
  • Have heritage demonstrations going on throughout the festival.
  • Offer activities for all age groups. Maintain a family oriented atmosphere.
  • Provide an opportunity for community and school organizations, crafts people, and individuals to raise money as an alternative of door to door sales or fund raising drives.
  • Entertain the public by providing an environment where the people can meet, have fun, hear live music, and learn about our history.

Kentucky Wool Festival Board Members

AKA Head Sheep
Steve Thomas- President
Rick Adams- Co-Vice President
Steve Taylor- Co-Vice President
Dennis Moneyhon- Treasurer
Adam Hall- Secretary

Board Members:
Jeff Auchter
Gary Barnard
Rick Hatfield
Gary Figgins
Wayne Lonaker
Kim Bastin Myers
John Steele
Randy Nordheim
Brian Veirs
Stacy Wells
Michele Hamilton
Joey Verax

Partnering Organizations

Boy Scouts
Boy Soccer Team
Boys Basketball Team
Girls Varsity Soccer Team
Lions Club
Pendleton 4-H Clubs
Pendleton FFA Chapter
Pendleton High School Band
Pendleton County Search and Rescue

Please, No Pets


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Kentucky Wool Festival 2016